Cattle for Sale

Mount Gambier 

Cattle for Sale in Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier Store Sale - 9th June 2017

A/C GH & BM Newton
8 Angus Cows w/- CAF, April drop, 5th & 6th Calvers, not rejoined
1 Angus Cub Bull
8 Angus X Steers
2 Angus X Heifers

A/C GT Trading
20 Hereford SH X Heifers, 8-10 mths, weaned
20 Hereford SH X Steers, 8-10 mths, weaned

A/C HEC Crauford
10 Angus Steers, Weaned
5 Angus Heifers, Weaned

A/C Peweena Pastoral Co
30 Angus Heifers, 10 months

A/C Bellco
50 Angus Heifers, 14 months

A/C J. Malseed
6 Limousin Steers

A/c RE & RG Johnston (RWK)
6 Angus Heifers

A/c Jarup Pty Ltd (RWK)
100 Angus Steers, 12-14 months
14 Angus Heifers, 11 months

A/c Marandaly (RWK)
27 Saler Heifers with 27 Saler Feb/Mar CAF, rejoined to Saler Bull 8th May



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