Lessons from the US Cattle Industry – Information Night

By Astyn Reid

Last night Performance Feeds held their seminar with guest speaker, Wes Klett. Wes is a director for XF Feeds/Performance Feeds ANIPRO. He hails from Texas A&M university with a degree in Animal Science, and has also spent 10 years in the US Air Force before coming back to the family business XFormance Feeds/ANIPRO that Supplies Australia and the US with high quality pasture and feedlot supplements.

Wes spoke about how the US cattle industry has had a large cattle price drop of over 50% from the record highs they received only a few years ago and how the global protons market had such a large impact on this. He also spoke about how a record fast re-build of a cow herd by 1,000,000 head in 12 months happened.

Wes spoke of lifting farm outputs and beef produced per Ha and how this can make a huge difference no matter if the price is high or low. He discussed how almost everything that impacts your cattle performance is linked back to good sound nutrition of your cow herd all year.

The most profitable way to do all this is to use the feeds you have on hand and fill the nutritional gap to make it a balanced diet for the best return on investment, and how ANIPRO Liquid Supplements achieves this goal.

“It was great to see such a good turn out last night and really exciting for us to have a quality speaker in Mount Gambier with the wealth of knowledge that Wes has.” – Dale Keatley

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